Wednesday, November 9, 2011


PayPal Donations supporting Gregory Morse in his fight to expose USA government persecution, crimes

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I have turned to donations as a way of funding my future as I have chosen to terminate my interests in my discretionary trust fund and limited partnerships that my father uses to control me on behalf of US Army military intelligence criminals. As I am in a foreign country doing dangerous dirty work of infiltrating the mafia, FBI and any organizations participating in satanic cult activity, I ask for donations to carry on my work until I manage to get full time employment which I have done before yet was denied visa courtesy of USA intelligence though it is also difficult when the USA controls most of the jobs.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Adult photographs

Rectum showing evidence of sodomy or rape with a foreign object while unconscious on 10/08/2010:

Scrotum showing evidence of deliberate stretching while unconscious on 10/08/2010:

Penis showing strange rash or eczema likely done through some sort of chemical such as nail polish remover while unconscious on 10/27/2010:

Anus showing clear evidence of plastic surgery to make it contain an excessive amount of pink flesh making it appear vagina-like on 09/05/2011: